Food Myths

There are many food myth that range from mildly amusing to downright bizarre. Many people just believe everything they hair or read, but in actual one should ask questions and research the topic if one really wants to get the truth. India is a country rich in flavors, spices and foods.

Each part of the country has rich food heritage that spans the ingredients used, the cooking techniques and the combination of flavors. But with the exorbitant number of food cultures and subcultures, come the myths. Here's the scientific explanation for most widely believed food myths in India.

Myth 1. Drinking water in between your meals will mess up your digestion :

myth of drinking water in between meal
Drinking water will fill you up, it certainly will not damage your digestive process. It might even do your system a world of good. So keep that glass nearby and ensure you are drinking enough through the day.

Myth 2. The skin of an apple contains no nutrients :

myth of skin of an apple contains no nutrients

The apple peel in fact, is known to have high concentration of antioxidants. Unfortunately, now a days the apples available in the market a polished with wax to make them look shiny and glossy. So rinse your apple properly before biting into that crunchy and fresh apple.

Myth 3. Eating after 7 p.m. will make you fat

myth of eating after 7 pm can make you fat
Expert says that its not when you eat that can make you fat. What you eat and amount of calories you consume makes you fat. The only thing late night eating does is promote unhealthy snacking and hamper with your sleeping pattern.

Myth 4. Having milk immediately after eating fish

having milk after fish
Some believe that the combination makes you sick while some believe it makes spots appear on your skin. But there is no scientific reason why you cannot have milk and fish together. In fact, there are many wonderful and healthy recipes around which combine the goodness of fish and milk.

Myth 5. Drinking lots of milk

myth of drinking lots of milk

Milk is a wonderful source of calcium, protein and also important minerals like phosphorus and magnesium. But more than two cups a day could lead to iron deficiency anemia. But drinking less than 2 cups can cause vitamin D level to drop because milk is an important source of this vitamin. So drink milk in moderation.

Myth 6. Eating ghee after pregnancy :

myth of eating lot of ghee after pregnancy

Sometimes new mothers after ghee Laden laddoos post delivery to help their bodies Heal while 1 to 2 tablespoon of he is good for the new mother more than that is just excess calories which are better expanded on other calcium and protein rich foods.

Myth 7. Cold causes cold

myth of cold causes cold
Eating cold food does not cause a cold. Cold is caused by rhinovirus that is transmitted by germs left Behind on surfaces like computer keyboards, doorknobs or dishes and spoon. Coming in contact with these surfaces and then touching your nose or mouth is what causes a cold.

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