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Postural Deformities - Scoliosis, Kyphosis, Lordosis

Postural deformities

Posture is the position of an individual's body while standing, sitting, walking, sleeping etc. There is no conform rigid standard of body positions. Deformity is the malformation of any component or body part or joint of the body. There are various postural deformities like knock knees, Bow legs, Flat foot, Scoliosis, Lordosis and Kyphosis. Following are the common postural deformities.

  1. Knock Knees
  2. Postural Deformities - Scoliosis, Kyphosis, Lordosis, Knock knees, Flat foot
    knock knees images

    Knock knees meaning - Knock knees or Genu Velgum is a postural deformity in which the legs are bent inward and knees strike each other while walking or running.
    Between birth and 18 months, an outward-turning alignment from hip to knee to ankle is normal. Between about 18 and 24 months, this alignment normally becomes neutral. When the child is between 2 and 5 years old, an inward-turning alignment is normal. The alignment returns to neutral as the child grows.

    Knock knees causes:

    1. Rickets.
    2. Obesity during childhood.
    3. Muscular or ligaments weakness at early age.
    4. Fractures and injuries involving the knee joint.
    5. Lack of Balanced diet.
    6. Flat foot.

    Precautions of Knock knees:

    1. Balanced diet should be taken.
    2. Babies should not be forced to walk at very early age.
    3. Perform proper exercises.

    Knock knees exercise and Knock knees Remedies:

    1. keep a pillow between the knees and stand erect for some time.
    2. Use cod liver oil.
    3. Horse riding.
    4. Use walking calipers.

  3. Flat Foot
  4. Postural Deformities - Scoliosis, Kyphosis, Lordosis, Knock knees, Flat foot

    Flat foot meaning - Flat foot is a postural deformity in which the inner curve of foot has bulge more than normal. In this default of feet person gives complete print of his foot sole over the plane surface.

    Flat foot Causes:

    1. Weak muscles.
    2. Obesity.
    3. Using improper shoes.
    4. Carrying heavy weight for a long period.
    5. Standing for a long time.

    Precautions of Flat foot:

    1. Always wear the shoes of proper shape and size.
    2. Obesity should be avoided.
    3. High heeled shoes should be avoided.
    4. Don't carry heavy weight for a long period.
    5. Babies should not be forced to walk at very early age.

    Flat foot Remedies and Flat foot exercises:

    1. Walk on heels.
    2. Loose weight.
    3. Skip on rope.
    4. Perform stretching exercises.
    5. Use good quality shoes.
    6. Walk bare footed over the sand.
    7. Run fast bare footed over clean surface.

  5. Round Shoulder
  6. Postural Deformities - Scoliosis, Kyphosis, Lordosis, Knock knees, Flat foot
    Round shoulders meaning - Round Shoulders or arm around shoulder is a postural deformity in which the shoulders become round and sometimes they seem to be bent forward. If you are looking for how to fix rounded shoulders, you are at right place. Fix your rounded shoulders without any surgery. See round shoulder exercise given below for treatment of rounded shoulders.

    Round shoulder Causes:

    1. Due to heredity.
    2. By wearing very tight clothes.
    3. By sitting on improper furniture.
    4. By walking, sitting in bent position.
    5. Lack of proper exercise.

    Precautions of Round shoulder:

    1. Never sit, stand or walk in bent position.
    2. Use loose fitting clothes.
    3. Always use proper furniture to sit.

    Exercises for Rounded shoulders and Round shoulder Remedies:

    1. Keep your tips of fingers on your shoulders and encircle your elbows clockwise and anticlockwise direction for same number of times.
    2. Hold the horizontal bar for some time.
    3. yoga for rounded shoulders - Perform Chakra asana and Dhanur asana regularly.

  7. Lordosis
  8. Postural Deformities - Scoliosis, Kyphosis, Lordosis, Knock knees, Flat foot

    Lordosis meaning - Lordosis is a postural deformity in which the lumbar spine bends infront beyond the normal level. Thus, abdomen is ahead of body and shoulders come outward and sideward. Lordosis symptoms are lower back pain, stomach appears to be bulging out more than normal.

    Lordosis Causes:

    1. Imbalanced diet.
    2. Improper development of muscles.
    3. Taking more food than required.
    4. Overweight or obesity.
    5. Diseases of spinal muscles.

    Precautions of Lordosis:

    1. Balanced diet should be taken.
    2. Stand straight while carrying weight.
    3. Never take excessive food.
    4. Maintain your weight.

    Lordosis Treatment and lordosis exercise:

    1. Perform toe-touching at least 10 times.
    2. Perform sit-ups regularly.
    3. Stand straight and touch your feet with hands.
    4. Perform Hal asana, Paschimotan asana and Vipritkarni asana regularly.

  9. Kyphosis
  10. Postural Deformities - Scoliosis, Kyphosis, Lordosis, Knock knees, Flat foot

    Kyphosis definition- Kyphosis is a forward rounding of upper back. Some rounding is normal but the term "Kyphosis" usually refers to and exaggerated rounding, more than 50 degrees. This deformity is also called round back or hunch back. It also leads to kyphosis cervical pain.

    Kyphosis Causes:

    1. Malnutrition.
    2. Carrying heavy loads.
    3. Improper furniture.
    4. Weak muscles.
    5. Bending while walking.
    6. Wearing shapeless and tight cloths.
    7. Due to heredity.

    Precautions of Kyphosis:

    1. Adopt correct posture.
    2. Wear loose clothes.
    3. Use suitable furniture.

    Kyphosis Treatment and Kyphosis exercises:

    1. Always keep a pillow under your back while sleeping.
    2. Bend your head backward in standing position.
    3. Perform swimming.
    4. Perform dhanur asana, Chakra asana regularly.

  11. Bow Legs
  12. Postural Deformities - Scoliosis, Kyphosis, Lordosis, Knock knees, Flat foot

    Bow legs meaning - It is a postural deformity. It is opposite to knock-knees. In this deformity knees are widely apart. There remains a wide gap between knees when a bow legged person keeps his feet together. It occurs during childhood. Bow legs for babies are common. Sometimes parents get affraid about their bow legs baby. But as they grow their legs starts to come in proper shape. If there is bow legs in toddlers, then it is due to lack of nutrition.

    Bow legs Causes:

    1. Rickets.
    2. Deficiency of vitamin D and calcium.
    3. Improper way of walking.
    4. Obesity.
    5. Using defaulted footwear.
    6. Forcing babies to walk at early stage.

    Precautions of Bow legs:

    1. Don't carry heavy weight in childhood.
    2. Babies should not be forced to walk at very early age.
    3. Balanced diet should be taken.
    4. Always walk properly.
    5. Use good quality shoes.

    Bow legs Remedies and bow legs exercises:

    1. vitamin 'D' and calcium should be taken in required amount.
    2. Walk on inner edge of the feet.
    3. Walk by bending the toes inward.
    4. Perform Garud asana regularly.

  13. Scoliosis
  14. Postural Deformities - Scoliosis, Kyphosis, Lordosis, Knock knees, Flat foot

    What is Scoliosis?

    Scoliosis meaning - Scoliosis is a sideways curvature of the spine that occurs most often during the growth spurt just before puberty. If spine curves more than one time at different parts of spine it is called multiple scoliosis. Scoliosis causes one shoulder down and other is raised up. Body weight is shifted to side ward and it causes lot of pressure on one side of the foot. Here, I have provided you exercises for the treatment of scoliosis without any scoliosis surgery. Read following instructions to know how to treat scoliosis.

    Scoliosis Causes:

    1. Birth defects.
    2. Wear and tear in the spine.
    3. Difference in the lengths of the legs.
    4. Lifting weight towards one side in routine.
    5. Wrong standing posture.
    6. Unsuitable furniture.

    Precautions of Scoliosis:

    1. Never walk for long time with carrying weight in one hand.
    2. Always stand in correct posture.
    3. Use suitable furniture.
    4. Balanced diet should be taken.
    5. Study should be avoided in sideways bending position.

    Scoliosis treatment and Scoliosis exercises:

    1. Hold the horizontal bar woth hands and let your body hang for some time.
    2. Swim by using breast stoke technique.
    3. Performing bending exercise in opposite side of the 'C' shaped curve.
    4. Perform Trikon asana and Ardhchakra asana in opposite direction.

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