Stress is part of life, and we can't always avoid it. But we can try to avoid situations that can cause it, and we can control how to respond to it. Know about how to avoid stress at work and various ways to avoid stress, to live life happy and healthy. The first step is knowing our own coping strategies. Try using a diary to record stressful events, our response to them, and how we coped.

how to avoid stress

After one knows what is causing stress, try making some changes in your life that will help you avoid stressful situations.

Here are few stress management techniques that will help you to know how to avoid stress at work

Change your thinking
change your lifestyle
time management

How to avoid stress

  1. Manage your time
  2. Time management is a way to find the time for more of the things you want and need to do. It helps you decide which things are urgent and which can wait. Managing your time can make your life easier, less stressful and more meaningful.

  3. Look at your lifestyle
  4. The choices you make about the way you live affect your stress level. Your lifestyle may not cause stress on its own, but it it can prevent your body from recovering from it. Try to find a balance between personal, work and family needs. This is not easy.

  5. Have a sense of purpose in life
  6. Many people find meaning through connections with family, friends, jobs, or volunteer work.

  7. Get enough sleep
  8. Your body recovers from stresses of the day while you are sleeping.

  9. Adopt healthy habits
  10. Eat healthy diet, limit how much alcohol you drink and don't smoke. Staying healthy is your best defense against stress.

  11. Exercise
  12. Even moderate exercise, such as taking a daily walk, can reduce stress.

  13. Get support
  14. Support in your life from family, friends and your community has a big impact on how you experience stress. Having support in your life can help you stay healthy. Support means having the love, trust and advice of others.

  15. Changing your thinking
  16. Stressful events can make you feel bad about yourself. You might start focusing on only the bad and not the good in a situation. That's called negative thinking. It can make you feel afraid, Positive thinking helps you cope with a problem by changing the way you think. How you think affects how you feel.

  17. Problem solving
  18. It helps you identify all aspects of a stressful event, find things you may be able to change and deal with things you can't change.

  19. Assertive communication
  20. It helps you express how you feel in a thoughtful, tactful way. Not being able to talk about your needs and concerns creates stress and can make negative feelings worse.
Also know about various apps that can help you in coping with stress.

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  1. Exercise, yoga and getting support of family or friends really helps to reduce stress. It help to relax mind. Another technique for relaxation is herbal dietary supplements for stress.

    1. Yes, Family can also play a vital role in stress reduction.


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