Before knowing about how to avoid anxiety know about anxiety. Ways to avoid anxiety is known as anxiety management. Anxiety is a cause of an uncomfortable feeling of nervousness or worrying about something that has happened or might happen in the future. Specially children normally feel a lot of anxiety about their first day in school after long holidays or anything new they are going to do or see. Anxiety to finish the homework so that one can go for play. Someone don't reach in time at home may create an anxiety for other members of the family. There can be so many reasons for anxiety and it can be managed through various ways:

Ways to avoid anxiety

How to avoid anxiety

  1. Drinking water
  2. Anxiety can be controlled by drinking a glass of water.

  3. Deep breathing
  4. Deep breathing can help to control the level of anxiety and even yogic breathing exercises like anulom vilom and kapalbhati also can help to control the anxiety.

  5. Guidance
  6. Guidance from parents and teachers can help to control anxiety. Guidance should be according to situation and age group.

  7. Participation in sports activities
  8. Games and sports activities can control the anxiety. One should be advised to take part in games and sports just to divert the attention or control the anxiety.

  9. Confidence
  10. One should have confidence what ever one is doing. Self confidence will help to remove the anxiety. Lack of confidence may create more anxiety, so to avoid it self confidence is must.

  11. Encouragement
  12. One should be encouraged instead of criticism. Encouragement will help to avoid or control the anxiety. But on the other hand if criticism is done, anxiety can be more.

  13. More practice and concentrate towards aim
  14. One should concentrate towards practice so that aim can be achieved without any problem or anxiety.

Relaxation exercises for anxiety management

Anxiety can be managed through the following exercises:

  1. Breathing technique
  2. It is the best exercise to control anxiety. When a player is tense before and spot, deep breath exercises helps to relax the body and mind. It should be done slowly and calmly. The body should be relaxed while you breath out.

  3. Meditation
  4. It is a yogic practice to concentrate on a specific object or thought. It is the best method to remove stress from mind. By doing meditation a player's mind remains focused on the game or event.

  5. Autogenic technique
  6. It involves a series of mental exercises to relax the mind. When a player thinks that he will lose today, anxiety level goes high. In this case he has to start with positive thinking that he will win the game or event. In this method we have to control our mind and try to give self suggestion to the mind.

  7. Visualization
  8. It can be used to reduce anxiety by imagining yourself in a calm or peaceful environment. This concept helps a player to put a sudden stop to negative thought and replace it with useful and positive thought. Another way is mental practice of skill under social stresses found in actual games and competitions.

  9. Cognitive therapy
  10. It focuses on individual's problems using specific psychological strategies to improve the individual's emotional and overall well being, emphasizing his thoughts (cognition). Cognitive therapy is based on the premise that your thoughts and believes have the most impact on your emotions and behaviors. Anxiety and depression are the result of impaired thought patterns, which determine how individuals view occurrences in their lives. The reality of the situation may not be as perilous as perceived.

  11. Progressive muscle relaxation
  12. We can also try progressive muscle relaxation, in which we tense up groups of muscles and slowly relax them. We can do this throughout our whole body starting with the feet and ending with the face. Progressive muscle relaxation can also help us fall asleep if anxiety makes it difficult for us to fall asleep.

Anxiety management images

Anxiety management image
Anxiety management image
Anxiety management image
how to avoid anxiety
how to avoid anxiety

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