There are various motivational techniques to motivate yourself and others. Learn about various ways to motivate a person but it varies individual to individual because all the persons are not same. They come from different backgrounds with different attitudes and behaviour. So they have to be dealt with various methods. Following techniques can be used to motivate an athlete or a person:

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11 Motivation techniques you should know

  1. Goal should be made clear
  2. The person or athlete should be very clear about his goal. What he has to do, how, and why. If these three things are clear in the mind of the athlete then there will be no problem in motivation and one will do the things accordingly. One should be prepared mentally to do the activity and work to achieve the goal. The goal should not be impossible to be achieved, it should be in the reach of the individual. One should know the advantages of attaining the goal.

  3. Knowledge of progress
  4. The athlete should know fully about himself, his capacity, quality, behaviour etc. Periodic positive results act as a strong motivational force. One should be made aware about his progress from time to time. Knowledge of progress is must because progress is also a reward in itself.

  5. Rewards
  6. They can be effective for further progress and to achieve goal. This can be very effective to motivate the players. Various rewards and cash prizes act as strong motivational force to perform.

  7. Jobs
  8. Outstanding sports person can be offered good jobs according to their achievement and educational qualifications. There are various departments which provide jobs to good sports persons. example police department in various states, Indian Railways, banks, Air India etc.

  9. Social awards
  10. Government of India every year announces award for outstanding sports persons who bring laurel for the country in various games and sports. They are honoured with Arjuna awards, Padama Shri, Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award, Dronacharya Award, Major Dhyanchand Award, Padma Bhushan etc. Some special awards are also given for international achievements.

  11. Positive talks
  12. Positive talk by the teachers or coaches is one of the best method to motivate an individual. It can help the athlete to change his thinking and behaviour. It is most important even for players and athletes at international level. At lower stages it works as a most successful tool for motivation.

  13. To provide best quality equipment
  14. The players and athletes should be provided the best possible equipment, which will help the athlete to avoid sports injuries, best and easy practice without any tension in mind. Good quality equipment urge the participants to participate in the activity where as an old and substandard equipment may turn off the interest of the individual.

  15. Positive attitude and environment
  16. It is most important to have positive attitude and environment for successful training program. The coach and the trainee should have positive attitude towards each other and towards the activity. The cordial environment plays a vital role to motivate an athlete.

  17. Role of mass media
  18. Television and newspapers play an important role in motivating the players. When media gives coverage and recognisition to the performance of the sports persons it gives boost to their self confidence.

  19. Role of spectators
  20. Crowd plays an important role in motivating the players. Good and positive response of spectators encourage the sports person to give their maximum.

  21. Grading of players
  22. Classification of players on the basis of their performance also helps in motivating the players. All the players try to perform and give their best effort to achieve the best grade.

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