Are you searching for how to stay fit and healthy in today's busy life. There are various means of fitness development such as aerobic activities anaerobic activities games and sports yoga and recreational activities etc the means of fitness development are described below

  1. Aerobic exercises
  2. Aerobic is a term derived from the word 'Aerobe' which refers to an organism which requires oxygen to maintain life. Therefore aerobic exercises are those exercises which are performed in the presence of oxygen. Aerobic exercises is the first example of how to stay fit and healthy. Know about aerobic exercises and their benefits below. Aerobic exercises are of slow intensity but for longer duration example jogging, cycling.

    Aerobic exercises

    Aerobic activities or exercises, if performed continuously or regularly help to develop cardio-respiratory endurance. Some aerobic exercises are as follows:

    1. Jogging :
    2. Jogging
      It is easy running with the long strides. It is the best method to develop general physical fitness. By jogging, all the big muscles of our body work efficiently. It is a well-known fact that jogging is one of the best methods for improving the cardiovascular system specially to fight against coronary disease. It may be difficult for beginners. Jogging is another example of how to stay fit and healthy. They should proceed through walking, then brisk walking and later on slow and fast jogging.

      During jogging breathing should be deep and long. We should not feel breathlessness and fatigued during jogging. We should wear proper shoes, comfortable dress like sports-kit, tracksuit etc. while jogging. Soft grass should always be preferred for jogging. The persons suffering from Asthma, Leukemia, Typhoid should avoid jogging. They should consult the doctor before going for jogging.

      Beneficial effects of jogging (Aerobic exercises and their benefits):

      1. Jogging helps in removing excess fat from body. Thus prevents obesity which is the cause of many health disorders.
      2. It helps in maintaining proper cholesterol level in blood. Thereby, reducing the cardiac problems.
      3. It tones up big muscles and shapes the body properly.

    3. Cycling:
    4. cycling
      Cycling is an aerobic activity which is used for general fitness all over the world. The only requirement of equipment is a cycle which may be used on a road or cycle track. It provides a good exercise to the whole body. It is also one of the best means for maintenance and development of fitness. It can be done by the people of all ages. Long road cycling develops the aerobic capability of an individual. Cycling should be avoided on busy roads. It provides fun and enjoyment if it is done in a group. Fitness can be developed by cycling if it is done regularly.

      Beneficial effects of cycling (Aerobic exercises and their benefits):

      1. It improves the efficiency of circulatory and respiratory systems.
      2. It improves strength of body muscles specially calf, thigh and abdominal muscles.
      3. Cycling provides a fun and enjoyment.

    5. Calisthenics:
    6. Calisthenics
      Calisthenics is a Greek word in which Kalos means beautiful and Sthenos means strength. Calisthenic exercises were introduced by Dio lewis in 1860. Calisthenics are the free hand exercises to develop physical fitness. These exercises can be performed individually or in groups. A wide range of exercises are available, so a person may select those which are best suited to him. These exercises should be performed continuously for some duration.

      Calisthenic exercises like kicking, bending, sit-ups, swinging etc. if done regularly, these will develop general strength, flexibility and other coordinative abilities. So, a general fitness can be achieved through calisthenics.

      Beneficial effects of calisthenics (Aerobic exercises and their benefits):

      1. It helps in developing particular muscle group.
      2. It helps in preventing obesity by preventing deposits of fats in muscles.
      3. It improves flexibility of muscles and joints and neuromuscular coordination.
      4. It helps in toning of muscles and shaping body.

    7. Rhythmic exercises:
    8. rhythmic exercises
      These exercises are performed in group with some light apparatus like lazium, dumbbells, ribbons etc. These exercises can be done with music or without music but rhythm should be maintained while performing these exercises. These exercises look beautiful if performed in large groups altogether.

      Beneficial effects of rhythmic exercises (Aerobic exercises and their benefits):

      1. It helps in developing particular muscle group.
      2. It improves neuro-muscular coordination.
      3. It helps in preventing obesity by preventing deposits of fats in muscles.
      4. It helps in toning of muscles and shaping body.

  3. Anaerobic activities
  4. Anaerobic exercises

    Anaerobic exercise method

    The term anaerobic means without air or without oxygen. These are those activities which are performed in the absence of oxygen. These are done with high intensity but for very short duration. Exercises like heavy weight lifting, sprinting etc. are the examples of anaerobic activities which are done in the absence of oxygen. In these activities the energy stored in the muscles is used up.

    Beneficial effects of anaerobic exercises

    1. It develops anaerobic endurance which helps in short duration activities.
    2. It increases muscular strength.
    3. It increases lactic acid tolerance in muscles thus delays fatigue
    4. It improves reflex action which helps in speed development.

  5. Participation in games and sports
  6. Games and sports

    Games and sports

    Games and sports provide sufficient exercise to the individual. The main condition is that one has to be regular for these activities. The intensity and amount of exercise or activity depends upon the individual's capacity and standard. There are various types of games and sports, some are very fast where as others are slow. Only vigorous activities can bring about significant improvement in physical fitness and to maintain the fitness one has to play on regular basis.

    Games and sports develop the individual physically as well as mentally. It means all round development takes place. Individual develops socially also. Through games and sports our emotions get an easy outlet and keep the individual emotionally balanced. Therefore we can say that games and sports are best means to develop physical fitness and Wellness.

    Beneficial effects of games and sports

    1. Games and sports develop various components of physical fitness at the same time.
    2. It relaxes our exhausted mind, removes tension by giving outlet to emotions.
    3. It develops leadership abilities and other social qualities such as team work, tolerance etc.
    4. It promotes and develops discipline in life.
    5. It gives experience of life in practical form.
    6. It helps in growth and development of optimum level.
    7. It develops the spirit of competition and national integration.

  7. Play and Recreation
  8. What are recreational activities?

    The word recreation has different meaning to different people. Recreation means 'to create again'. Recreation provides or helps to regain the lost energy and brings a sense of enjoyment to the individual. Recreation is a life itself and without recreation the life is meaningless.

    Horse Riding
    Recreation means happiness and satisfaction to the mind. In other words, we can say that the activity in which a person is involved in his leisure (free) time provides him recreation. When a person is tired maybe after day's work, he requires some type of activity or play to refresh him that provides him recreation. Recreational activities is another example of how to stay fit and healthy. The type of activity is the choice of the person.

    Recreational activities in their varied forms provide physical, mental, emotional, social and creative satisfaction to the person who is involved in them. While classifying the recreational activities, the important thing should be kept in mind i.e. the selection of activity because keeping in mind the age and sex of the people who have to take part in the activity, space for the activity needed, its cost, and nature of the participants and the organisation etc.

    Following can be the recreational activities:
    1. Games and sports (indoor or outdoor).
    2. Camps.
    3. Picnics.
    4. Water activities.
    5. Rock climbing.
    6. Rafting.
    7. Horse riding.
    8. Musical activities.
    9. Drama.
    10. Art and craft.
    11. Social service activities.
    12. Archery.
    13. Boating etc.

    Beneficial effects of recreational activities

    1. It can remove laziness, boredom, stress or tension.
    2. It develops optimum level of health and wellness along with fitness.
    3. It helps in utilization of free time in a good manner.
    4. One should try to involve himself in certain recreational activity for recreation, enjoyment, mental satisfaction, social relation and good health etc.

  9. Yoga
  10. Yoga
    Yoga is one of the oldest method to develop physical fitness and Wellness. The word yoga is derived from Sanskrit word Yujatu or "yuj" to yoke or unite or joining. The main aim of yoga is to unite oneself with God. Patanjali Rishi was the founder of yoga. Yoga is the best example of how to stay fit and healthy. Yoga includes various asanas and Pranayamas. Asanas help in developing a good posture and Pranayama includes various breathing exercises. Yoga helps in keeping an individual physically and mentally fit.

    Beneficial effects of yoga

    1. It improves physical fitness along with health.
    2. It improve posture and cures postural deformities.
    3. It improves flexibility, strength and power which are key components of fitness.
    4. It relaxes body from tensions.
    5. It helps in proper functioning of various body systems and delays aging.
    6. It helps to increase the vital capacity (Intake capacity) of the person who performs the breathing exercises regularly.

    On the whole yoga makes an individual mentally and physically strong. In the end we can say that yoga is a way of life, a way to enjoy maximum, keep happy and helps to live peacefully.

  11. Swimming
  12. Swimming
    Swimming is one of the most popular sports. It is a sport for all age groups, skill and fitness levels. As well as being fun, swimming is a great way to keep fit, stay healthy and make friends. Swimming is a healthy activity that you can continue for lifetime. It is a low impact activity that has many physical and mental health benefits. Swimming is also an example of how to stay fit and healthy. Swimming is a great workout because you need to move your whole body against the resistance of the water.

    Beneficial effects of Swimming

    1. Keeps your heart rate up but take some of the impact stress off your body.
    2. Builds endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness.
    3. Helps maintain a healthy weight, healthy heart and lungs.
    4. Tones muscles and build strength.
    5. Provides an all over body workout, as nearly all of your muscles are used during swimming.
    6. Improve the coordination, balance and posture.
    7. Improve flexibility.
    8. Provides good low impact therapy for some injuries and conditions.
    9. Provides a pleasant way to cool down on a hot day.


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