What is a posture?

Posture is the position of an individual's body while standing, sitting, walking, sleeping etc. There is no conform rigid standard of body positions. Correct sitting position also makes a person look more attractive.

Correct sitting position

A general rule to follow while sitting on a chair is to allow the body to follow the the contour of the chair. This is the correct sitting position. This allows the musculature to relax while the vertebral column is supported.

There are different sitting positions i.e. simple sitting, while reading and while writing.

correct sitting posture

Right posture of sitting

Simple sitting means a body well placed on the pelvis, hips as back in the chair as possible. Head, shoulders and hips should be in line and spine erect with natural curves. Legs should rest vertically on the feet, thighs horizontal, both feet flat on the ground. Both the hands should be resting on the thighs. The head should be placed so as to give comfort to the neck.

Correct posture for reading

Reading position is almost same as simple sitting position. But person should sit erect and hold the book at 45 degree angle and at a distance of 30 cm from the eyes. Both the hands should rest on the table in front and both feet resting on the ground.

correct reading posture

Correct writing posture

The correct writing position is that when person sit straight and for this a chair and table may be used for writing. The person should sit squarely in their seat, body straight or erect and balanced. The position of thighs should be horizontal, legs vertical and feet on the ground.

correct writing posture

Some general rules for sitting

  1. Sit tall.
  2. Sit in all of the chair.
  3. When sitting in front of a table, the height of table should be high enough to permit working without bending over.
  4. The feet should be on the floor flat, with the comfortable distance between feet.
  5. The back should be straight and spine should not have any curve.
  6. There should be no bend in the lower back.

Correct posture of Walking

Correct walking reflects the personality of an individual. If someone walks with erect neck and chest out, it is an example of good posture. In fact, the best posture of walking is that when the lines of feet are parallel to the line of direction. Walking should be efficient and graceful, smoothness is essential in walking.

correct walking posture

Correct posture of Lying

Normal size of pillow should be used by individual. Hard bed is beneficial for those who have spinal problem. We should sleep in such a state that there is not any difficulty in breathing.

correct sleeping posture


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