Shalabhasana (locust pose)

Shalabhasana also known as Locust pose is good for heart. It increases the blood circulation throughout the body and makes a person fit and healthy. Shalabhasana is also very good for back. People suffering from back pain must do this asana. This asana reduces the stiffness of the back and makes the spine flexible. Regular practice of Shalabhasana also makes a person stronger.


Procedure of shalabhasana:

Step 1:
Lie down on the ground on your belly and put the palms on the ground.

Step 2:
Join both the feet.

Step 3:
Slowly raise the lower portion of the waist while keeping the legs straight. Stay in this position for sometime.

Step 4:
Put both your hands beneath the stomach and raise the feet as high as possible. The front portion of the waist should touch the ground.

Video of Shalabhasana (locust pose)

Benefits of Shalabhasana (locust pose)

  1. It increase the blood circulation.
  2. It also help in reducing weight.
  3. The spine and waist becomes flexible.
  4. It is very useful for Shoulders.
  5. Many stomach diseases like acidity, indigestion etc. are cured.
  6. It increases the memory power.
  7. It also cures the urinary problems and excessive saliva.


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