Tadasana (Palm Tree Pose)

Tadasana is also known as palm tree pose. It is very simple and easy to do. Tadasana (Palm Tree Pose) has various benefits that you will know.


Procedure of Tadasana (Palm Tree Pose)

Step 1:
After standing join the heels and toes and raise the arms up the knees can also be left open according to the width of Shoulders.

Step 2:
Palm should be upward and eyes should be looking straight. Take the breath in.

Step 3:
Then raise the heels and lay your weight on the toes.

Step 4:
Pull the body up and after sometime take the body down while breathing out. Repeat it for 10 to 15 times.

Video of Tadasana (Palm Tree Pose)

Benefits of Tadasana (Palm Tree Pose)

  1. Helpful in strengthening the leg muscles.
  2. Helpful in increasing the height of the children.
  3. Helpful in removing leg pain.


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