What is flat foot?

Flat foot is a postural deformity in which the inner curve of foot has bulge more than normal. In this deformity of feet person gives complete print of his foot sole over the plane surface.

Studies have shown flat foot is a common postural deformity that occur in children and adolescents. The foot arch develops in infant stage and early childhood as part of normal muscle, tendon, ligament and bone growth. Children with flat foot are at a higher risk of developing knee pain and back pain.

flat foot

People with flat feet, have either no arch in their feet or one that is very low. The arch help to distribute body weight across the feet and legs. The structure of the arch determines how a person walks. The arch need to be both elastic and springy to adapt to pressure and a variety of surfaces.


  1. The most common symptom of flat feet is when the person walk bare-feet on the surface, his foot gives complete print of his foot sole over the plane surface.
  2. This can also cause an uneven distribution of body weight.
  3. There can be pain in the feet which can occur because of strained muscles and connecting ligaments.
  4. Abnormal pressure on the knee and hip may cause pain in these joints. This pressure happens if the ankles turn inward.
  5. One or both feet may also feel stiff.

Flat foot Causes

This postural deformity can develop in children because of different causes. Most common flat foot causes are:

  1. Due to heredity or genetic factor.
  2. Weak muscles.
  3. Foot or ankle injury.
  4. If a person suffering from arthritis, he can also develop this postural deformity also.
  5. This deformity can develop due to Obesity also.
  6. Using improper shoes.
  7. Carrying heavy weight for a long period.
  8. Standing for a long time.


  1. Always wear the shoes of proper shape and size.
  2. Obesity should be avoided.
  3. High heeled shoes should be avoided.
  4. Don't carry heavy weight for a long period.
  5. Babies should not be forced to walk at very early age.

Flat foot exercises

  1. Heel cord stretching exercise.
  2. Walk on heels.
  3. The golf ball roll exercise.
  4. Weight loss exercises such as jumping jacks.
  5. Skipping rope can also cure flat foot postural deformity.
  6. Perform stretching exercises.
  7. Use good quality shoes.
  8. Walk bare footed over the sand.
  9. Run fast bare footed over clean surface.


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